Monday, November 22, 2010

A lot has happened since my last post. Ellie now has 3 teeth and the 4th one is working its way out. She has been really having a difficult time cutting teeth and I hope she receives some relief soon. She is so close to taking her first steps without assistance, but it still may be a while, she seems perfectly content crawling if there is nothing to hold on to. The most exciting news about Ellie is that she has finally learned to use one of her signs to communicate with us. On Sunday, Thad was able to get her to sign "more". Her version looks very much like a clap. Today she also waved goodbye to Thad and Aspen as they left for their day.
Aspen has had some equally exciting accomplishments too. On Sunday we loaded the girls up and went to the Clinton Library grounds to enjoy the warm day. Aspen finally learned to ride her bicycle with no training wheels. I was amazed at how quickly she figured it out.
Today Aspen recieved a midterm progress report and her teacher reports that she is an excellent citizen in her classroom and is above average in all areas of academics. Thad and I are no doubt, very proud of our big girl. Aspen has also started her foreign language studies at school. She has been assigned French. Her french name is Juliette.
Here are some pictures and video of our amazing girls.

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